Borislav Radoslavov Petrov

Date and place of birth:

12.04.1983, Lovech

Office address:

4 "H.Dimitar" Str., Rectorate Building, lab 3305
Higher education institution Technical University - Gabrovo
Research areas Communications and Computer Engineering
Guided courses
Bachelor's Degree 1. Computer Architectures.
2. Microprocessors.
Master's degree 1. Specialized Computer Architectures.
2. Real-Time Information Processing.
Level of knowledge of foreign languages
1. English Reading skills: Very good
Writing skills: Very good
Speaking skills: Very good
2. Russian Reading skills: Good
Writing skills: Good
Speaking skills: Good
Work experience
2007 - 2008 Technical College of Lovech, department engineer
2009 - 2011 Technical University - Gabrovo, Assistant Professor
Organization Membership
1. John Atanasoff Society of Automatics and Informatics (SAI)
Participation in scientific projects
1. "Research and implementations of computer architectures with mixed software and hardware programmable devices", TU - Gabrovo Science Fund, contract E906/2009.
Scientific publications
Articles -
Papers 3 papers presented at national conferences
Selected scientific articles and papers for free download
1. B. Petrov, R. Raychev, "Evaluation of the support efficiency of hardware controllers for multi-digit 7-segment indicator displays" , International Conference CompSysTech’10, Sofia, 2010.
Contact information
Phone +359 66 827501
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